The Self Care Holiday Survival Guide!

The holidays can be a stressful time for all of us! Our calendars often get booked solid with countless family and holiday parties, fighting the crows to find the perfect presents for all of our loved ones, wrapping all the presents, preparing holiday meals, and keeping up with all of our regular responsibilities on top of it.

Do you ever wonder how you are supposed to find time for yourself through all of the holiday chaos?

Many of us simply don’t find time for ourselves through the holiday chaos. Resulting in us feeling overwhelmingly exhausted by December 26th. This is also a large reason why we tend to pack on the pounds during this time of year. However, self care and taking time for yourself doesn’t is not impossible during November and December. Self care is actually even more vital during this busy time of year. Your happiness and your health depend on it!

You can thrive this holiday season by implementing my essential self care holiday tips:

Tip #1: Don’t Say Yes to Everything

Your time is extremely valuable. Once it’s gone, there is no way to get it back. This is especially true during the holiday season. You likely have a long list of things you need to get done this time of year. Please do yourself a favor and don’t say yes to every invite you get for the holidays. This is the quickest way to burn yourself out.

Practice saying yes to the things you truly WANT to do! Your time is far too valuable to spend it doing things that you don’t enjoy. Life is too short for that. Also, be honest about your availability. Just because there’s a time slot open in your calendar doesn’t mean you are available. It’s essential to plan down time for yourself during this time of year. Take the time to enjoy the holidays! Don’t jam pack your calendar with events.

Tip #2: Remember to Drink Your Water

I would never encourage anyone to avoid all of the holiday treats during this time of year. I mean, life is about living and enjoying yourself! However, a happy life is also about balance and moderation. You should definitely enjoy some treats during this time of year, but don’t forget your water and adding some veggies to your meals. Getting enough water and nutrients during this time of year will help you keep your mood up and will also give you more energy too, which we all know you’ll need.

Water is especially important during this time of year because we tend to drink more alcoholic beverages while at all the holiday parties. The ideal goal is to drink half your body weight in ounces in water every day. However, I am the first to admit that the ideal goal can seem overwhelming for those of us who have struggled with getting enough water. My advice is to start where you can be consistent and add ounces from there.

Tip #3: Give Yourself Some Grace

This is an easy time of year to beat yourself up. Don’t. Do. It! Give yourself some grace always, but some extra grace this time of year. You are doing so much better than you give yourself credit for. You are trying your best and that alone says a lot. There’s nothing wrong with you. You aren’t broken. You are a walking miracle on this planet. Give yourself some love.

It is okay for there to be some things left undone. The world won’t end if the dishes don’t get done tonight before you go to bed. It is not the end of the world if you forgot about getting a distant relative a gift for Christmas. Don’t beat yourself up over these small things that won’t have significance in the long run. Making yourself feel guilty is an exhausting activity and it only decreases your self love. Accept that you are doing your best and that it’s enough. It’s always been enough and always will be.

Tip #4: Plan One Hour of Non-Negotiable Self Care Weekly

You can find one hour every week that you can spend on self care and filling yourself up. I know you can find AT LEAST an hour. For some of us, it may seem extremely difficult this time of year, but I promise it’s worth it. Your happiness, your energy and overall well being depend on it.

All of our schedules look different, so find the hour that works the best for you. During this hour, I’m talking about self care that relaxes your mind and body. I’m talking about doing something that you don’t regularly allow yourself time to do during the busy holiday season. It can be soaking in a hot bath, coloring, reading your favorite book, meditating, painting your nails, getting a massage or doing yoga. Whatever activity you choose, it’s important that it relaxes both your mind and body.

During this time of year, so many of us feel like we’re constantly going, like there’s never enough time. For our sanity, it’s important to find time when we can quiet our minds and simply relax. The calming effect will stay with you throughout your day. You’ll feel less overwhelmed and you’ll be more pleasant to be around, I promise. No one likes being around someone who looks like they’re about to explode with stress all the time. It’s exhausting and overwhelming. Take the time to unwind. You will enjoy this holiday season so much more if you do.

Tip #5: Don’t Forget Your Moisturizer

This time of year is brutal for our skin, especially for those of us that live in places with extremely cold weather. Make sure that skin care is part of your self care routine this holiday season. That includes moisturizer for your face and lotion for your body. The little time it takes will be worth it. Soft skin makes us all happier, don’t you think?

One thing that’s helped me when I’m really busy is keeping a bottle of hand lotion with me. When my hands get dry or I forgot to put lotion on, I can do it quickly when I’m on the go.

In my opinion, my skin care routine is a quick and easy way for me to spend some time on self care. It doesn’t take long, but washing my face and applying my products is relaxing. It’s like taking off all of the stress from the day and spending some quality time with myself. These little moments of self care add up to make a major difference.

What self care tip are you going to start implementing?